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Amy Phillips Rotter

Sessions with Marina are transformative. Physically, mentally and emotionally. Her work is truly energy-based (as well as intensely physical) and her sing-song demeanor, intuitive touch and unfaltering knowledge of what you need is without comparison. You walk out energized and lighter. Sore muscles are at ease again. Furrowed brows are lifted (and so is your …

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Kimberly Muller

Marina is a miracle worker. Every time I leave a session with her I feel 10 years younger, lighter and renewed …She is the secret fountain of youth.

Diana Corto-Stomsvik

I found Marina to be wonderful. She can quickly identify tension areas and use methods that bring relaxation, relief, posture realignment and a wonderful feeling of well-being.

Amy Nelms

I have been seeing Marina for over a year and have seen dramatic changes in my body thanks to her lymphatic massages. My immune system has never been stronger – I can’t even remember the last time I was sick. My workouts are more effective, my muscles more defined, and I have greater flexibility in …

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Joe Nelms

Marina changed my life. I suffered from “frozen shoulder” – couldn’t raise my arm over shoulder height. Couldn’t lift or play ball for a YEAR. She used a combination of deep targeted massage, cupping, and electric stim, I’m back to my full range of motion. I highly recommend her.

Nina Ananiashvilli

Ms. Marina Baratashvili, is one of those rare people that still have an excellent work ethic and passion, must important she’s very knowledgeable about massage therapy. That’s why all dancers love her massages and realize the importance of a skilled massage therapist

Dmitri Jurowski

I have to fly often and that creates a lot of problems in my back. I have visited a great number of physiotherapist and osteopaths all over the world. I can confirm from my own experience that she is capable to resolve, most of the existing physical problems.

Maya Lomadze

Marina is a highly skilled professional, she is very good at therapeutic as well as correction massages; every time she massages me, I see a complete change and a much better shape of the body after just a few sessions.


Marina’s technique of massage of lymphatic nodes and muscles along with cupping is a transformation to the body on the inside and the outside even to the naked eye I saw the changes to my body shape. Changes I couldn’t achieve through exercise.

Hailey Lusting

With the spirit of an angel in the hands of a magician, I have fallen in love with Marina. In less than 10 sessions she has managed to do for my body what no trainer has been able to accomplish. Inches have vanished and my shape has completely changed. Marina is an artist who uses …

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