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Dmitri Jurowski (Home_page)

I have to fly often and that creates a lot of problems in my back. I have visited a great number of physiotherapist and osteopaths all over the world. I can confirm from my own experience that she is capable to resolve, most of the existing physical problems.

Maya Lomadze (Home_page)

Marina is a highly skilled professional, she is very good at therapeutic as well as correction massages; every time she massages me, I see a complete change and a much better shape of the body after just a few sessions.

Sophia Rossi (Home_page)

The transformation I felt from specific areas like a smaller waist or leaner back was an addition to the happy hormones and less bloating I felt. After 10 sessions I felt introduced to my new body and can’t wait to do more.

Dotti (Home_page)

Marina’s technique of massage of lymphatic nodes and muscles along with cupping is a transformation to the body on the inside and the outside even to the naked eye I saw the changes to my body shape. Changes I couldn’t achieve through exercise.